Premature ejaculation: The premature ejaculation prevent

stop premature ejaculationPremature ejaculation (premature ejaculation lat.): What are the causes of this phenomenon, which is also called early ejaculation or rapid ejaculation? And how can you delay the premature ejaculation? How can you treat premature ejaculation? Prevent premature effusion?

Premature ejaculation was like until recently dismissed by the consulted physicians as Bagatelle, much to the frustration of the affected man. Premature ejaculation is today but certainly one of the most common sexual disorders at all. More than 15% of all men of sexually age suffer after studies by experts under premature ejaculation. A doctor to ask for help is many men too embarrassed and helping literature is often unknown. Premature ejaculation is but already really treat its causes with simple exercises – try it out!

The definitions of “prematurely” are very versatile. The DIN standard for this purpose I’ll spare you. Various studies find the most varied results, as long as a “normal” sexual act on average lasts. Numbers between four and twelve minutes determined there for the average. Dubious firms pseudo aids also like to try to suggest much longer “normal” By holding times to address as many men with their products: “If you think by half an hour, then you have to buy my pills against premature ejaculation …”

The modern sexual counseling measures “prematurely” but not in minutes or seconds, but on their own perception of the man. Each ejaculation occurs in an uncontrolled manner or against the will of man, can then be defined as “early” or “premature”. Perfectly normal and no cause for concern, however, is
– Premature ejaculation in the first sex contacts in the man’s life or
– If premature ejaculation after a very long abstinence occurs
– (!) And the occasional occurring without specific reason premature ejaculation – this is absolutely normal.
“Premature ejaculation” as a concept is therefore very broad.

Must first of all understand what it actually has the problem of premature ejaculation on to you, however. Here, first, a look at the sexual behavior of mammals in general and, secondly, a few thoughts on speed and power at the present time:
In animals an earlier or faster climax of the male is instinctive and normal. This specific behavior of all mammals is in fact a guarantee of the preservation of the species. Prolonged sex would have no additional genetic benefit, he would merely unnecessary risks. A faster and earlier ejaculation was clear an advantage!

And what about the “human mammal”? Modern man in our fast time problematizes the behavior of premature ejaculation. Man and woman talking openly about your desires and preferences during sex. The media are full of descriptions of fulfilled sexuality. Everybody wants to draw maximum benefit from the sexual intercourse. In particular, the women press your need for sexual gratification from more openly and thus put the male partner – intentionally or not – under considerable pressure to perform.

“Fast” is today very often “better” equated with: A fast service is good, fast foods on everyone’s lips, and train services have also become faster in order to compete against the fast turbo aircraft can. Only during sex everything will be different – a fast or even premature ejaculation is anything but witness high performance!
Thus male potency is no longer just on the “how many”, but also “how long” to identify the, and from a well-known and always widespread phenomenon arises a problem: premature ejaculation, early or premature ejaculation in men.

Premature ejaculation – what to do against premature Come? Causes, background, treatment.

Normally, the man learns in the course of his first sexual contact, to control his ejaculation and prevent premature ejaculation. Just as he usually learns early to control his urination and not to make his bed at night ..
In some cases, the man does not make this important step, or the formerly existing control even disappear. Anxiety, work pressure and various psychological problems also still ensure that the “phenomenon premature ejaculation” increasingly massive and always occurs. The affected man ejaculates then already kissing, by contact of the genitals by the partner or shortly after insertion of the penis into the vagina; other men come uncontrollably after a few minutes of coitus climax. Especially younger men suffer in large numbers under the phenomenon of rapid or premature ejaculation and often look in vain for effective solutions to against the premature ejaculation.

What really helps? Perhaps you too have tried in vain with various pseudo-aids to prevent premature ejaculation: the thought of the next class work or project meeting here are very popular. Or the use of any emotion and spontaneity consuming narcotics (anesthetic ointments, sprays, etc.), which may actually prolong the sexual game.

But what you use the longer persevere, if you feel anything more of it (your partner maybe not anymore?) And therefore do not have fun? Unlike impotence are namely rarely physical causes in the diagnosis “premature ejaculation” before. Almost always it is a wrong learned or Verl learned behavior, sometimes associated with underlying psychological problems. Just like any other behavior, the ejaculatory control systematically (re) can be learned. With the help of modern sex advice and you can manage to conquer premature ejaculation!