Fast Ejaculation The Causes and the Solutions Available

“The main reason for early ejaculation is a guy’s inability to sense how close he is to ejaculation” – Said the creator of the Human Sexuality Program in New York.

Then you will have to develop something called your Arousal Awareness, if you never ever want to have that embarrassing experience of prematurely ejaculating in your pants or within 1-2 minutes. This is exactly what the quote refers to.

You more than likely aren’t able to determine how aroused you are till you get that sensation in your groin that you are extremely close to ejaculating. This is an absence of sexual awareness.

This absence of sexual awareness is extremely bad since it causes extremely humiliating experiences, you might end up prematurely ejaculating in your trousers. You may climax when she is putting on a condom, you may ejaculate when you enter her or soon after.

Not being able to “read” your own stimulation levels is the primary factor you prematurely climax.

When you learn how to read your stimulation levels you will know when to slow down and exactly what to do in order to avoid climaxing in your trousers or as quickly as you begin making love.


By understand your stimulation levels you get amazing control over your body and getting this stimulation awareness is one of the first steps you must take if you want to conquer early ejaculation and last longer.

You can determine your stimulation level on a scale of 1-10.

At level 1 you are just getting aroused, at level 10 you are so aroused that you are climaxing.

When you ejaculate in your pants you more than likely get to level 9.5 however given that you have bad arousal awareness you don’t understand it and as quickly as she offers you a stroke or more you get to level 10 and you ejaculate.

When you masturbate, do you constantly know how close you are to ejaculating?

If not, your arousal awareness is bad.

You mostly got this bad arousal awareness due to the fact that you are sidetracked when you masturbate, you watch porn or fantasize, you aren’t present in the minute and you certainly aren’t concentrated on the feelings in your penis.

By continuously ignoring the feelings that you feel you end up losing the ability to know when you are close to ejaculation, and you likewise lose the practice of checking in with yourself.

This inability to notice how close you are to ejaculation at all times causes premature ejaculation.

Here’s how to develop arousal awareness so that you can secure yourself from premature ejaculation.

When you masturbate do so without rush, do not try to climax as quickly as possible and do not try to last longer than you usually would.

Check in with yourself every 10-15 seconds and notice how it feels in your penis.

Due to the fact that you aren’t utilized to this, in the starting it may feel a little strange.

When you get to that point where you understand precisely how much stimulation you can take before you climax, the much easier it will be to slow down. You can change positions or take a 15 2nd break and NOT too soon climax.

The reason a lack of sexual awareness is the number one reason for premature ejaculation is this, when you have no idea just how much sexual stimulation you can take, you might end up initiating sex when you are at a level 9 on your stimulation scale, this makes you climax as soon as she touches you.

Think of it, if you are at level 9 you will only require 1-2 minutes of sexual stimulation to obtain to level 10 and ejaculate.

If however, you begin making love when you are at level 3, then you will require 10 minutes of sexual stimulation before you get to level 10 and ejaculate.

If you can read your stimulation levels you can decrease and get it as low as possible before sex starts and right away you will have the ability to last longer.

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